High Power GSM CDMA LTE Phone Jammer
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High Power GSM CDMA LTE Phone Jammer

This High Power GSM CDMA LTE Phone Jammer is 11 channel customized phone wifi signal jammer and shield a long distance 50 to 100 meter.

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Product Description

High power GSM CDMA LTE Phone Jammer

1.Product Introduction

This high power GSM CDMA LTE phone Jammer can block the cellular phone signal 2g 3g 4g 5g, Wi-Fi, GPS signal and other specific signal with high average power 15W each channel and latest technique high gain 14dBi massive MIMO antenna. It has more stable jamming effect and longer distance than old version signal jammers.


Mechanical Data

Product Type

TX-150W high power GSM CDMA LTEphone Jammer

Jamming Range

50-100 meter

Working Channels

11 channelcustomized

Average Output Power

15 W

Total Output Power


Coverage Area

Horizontal 95° Vertical 35°

Body Size


Body Weight


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Power Consumption


Power Input


Power Output

DC 24V/10A

3.Product Feature

* Average High power each 15W, 11 channel, total 150W 

* Single modulation of RF jamming module

* Massive MIMO antenna max 14dBi high gain each channel

* Long range 50-100 meter (-75dB, open environment, depends on BTS distance)

* Can shield 2/3/4/5g phone, Wi-Fi, GPS at same time

* On/Off control for Wi-Fi channel

* Precise voltage for stable work under large voltage fluctuation

* Original IC chip with strong power push and stable output power performance

* Steady structure: durable PVC and metal alloy back plate, anti broken, heat resistant, waterproof, dust proof

* Smart cooling system with built-in ultra thick heat sink, heat dissipation fin, large fans, ventilation holes at four sides; Ensure the fast cooling effect and long life span

* Easy installation by wall mount or desktop

* User friendly no harm to human health with this high power GSM CDMA LTE phone Jammer

4.Product Application

1)  Avoid the illegal phone use at Prison, Detention house, Police station, Law court, Procuratorate, etc

2)  Avoid the important document leaking or business secret leaking, such as in Real-estate transaction, Business conference room, Military Base and Important confidential site, Government sites, Administration Department, Criminal case on site checking, Law enforcement, Critical Security sites, etc.

3)  Avoid Hazardous place accidents caused by misuse of Phone Wi-Fi signals, such as Petrol station, Chemical factory, Oil depot, Hazardous substance storage warehouse and assemblies, etc.

4)  Avoid phone calls noise at Library, Movie theatre, Theatre, Concert hall, Memory hall, Auditorium, Church, etc.

5)  Avoid examination cheating in school, training classes, sports competition, etc.

6)  Avoid phone playing during working time; effectively avoid assembly injury and death accident for phone playing, improve working efficiency, such as Textile mill, Metallurgical plant, etc.

This high power GSM CDMA LTE phone Jammer can apply to a various fields.

5.Product Detail

NZ150W high power GSM CDMA LTE phone Jammer is a self developed wall-mounted Phone Wi-Fi signal jammer. It is a complete jamming system, made of the antenna, RF Amplifier Unit, Multiplexer,Main control Board, Smart cooling system, Power Supply system. A suitable installation height and angle can have better jamming effect and larger coverage area.


1) Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, our factory locates in Long Gang District, Shenzhen, welcome to visit us!

2) What's the MOQ?

1 to100pcs according to different product

3) Payment term?

T/T, Alibaba Trade Assurance(Visa, Master card, E-checking,etc), West Union, Paypal, etc

4) Customer own logo okay?

Yes, and sample with logo comes first before mass production

5) How to proceed an order ?

A.Let us know your requirement and product application through inquiry on Alibaba website

B.We quote according to your specific need C.Customers agree with the quotation and make the payment

6) How to do if I receive defective products?

For each high power GSM CDMA LTE phone Jammer, Our strict quality control will ensure 100% pass rate. But it can be damaged in the way. Please kindly share the defective product photo or video to let us know where the problem is. We will make the compensation accordingly or send you new electronic part or product.

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