In what areas can the UAV countermeasure system be applied?


In what field can the UAV countermeasure system be applied? With the rapid development of UAV technology and wide application, social development attaches great importance to scientific research on solving the problem of counter UAV, and actively promotes various countermeasures and methods of practical activities to ensure this The safety of national routes will not be confused and threatened by drones.

Nowadays, the UAV counter-manufacturing industry is becoming more and more familiar to many people, and its application fields are also very broad, whether it is in airports, military restricted areas, nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, prisons, public security personnel, military and other fields. The man-machine black fly is confused. It is because of this that the product has developed a set of anti-UAV system machinery and equipment.

The UAV system software is the defense monitoring system software of the UAV indoor space. Based on the detection of radar detection, it is proactively felt to maintain the immediate inspection of the long-distance UAV, obtain the UAV's high-precision and precise positioning information, and maintain the electronics. The linkage of optical industrial equipment interferes with the direct evidence of the clarification, evaluation, locking, locking, tracking and investigation of the overall overall goal.

After the UAV protection system clearly showed the abnormal UAV, according to the hazard equipment, the abnormal UAV can be fully automated/manually resolved, and the expected effect of the human defense device was maintained.

With the technological development trend and wide application of drones with the times, to solve the problem that drones will eventually encounter a more complicated and unoptimistic situation, try to focus on the development of drone technical characteristics, application concepts, application methods and other aspects. Trends are changing, the scope of scientific research and practice activities is continuously increased, and the diligent search for practical solutions will facilitate the rapid and effective use of various drone problems in future operations, and continue to innovate the technology of drones.

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