Urgent need of Cost effective Anti Drone System


Cause the black fly has become more and moreoften, it leads to the dangerous result such as the civil airplane dropping, the chemical factory explosion, the farm or fish pond drug throwing, the power plant explosion, the drug dealing in prison and border line, the bomb throwing in military base station, the mini/micro SPY drone camera shooting etc. The abuse of drones has led to a large amount of human life damage and property loss in social life.


Thus, not only the military field needs the anti drone system, but the civilian field needs it more and even needs it in a more cost-effective aspect to save life and money. The military base station of most country is facing the drone threat everyday. Those drones are monitoring, eavesdropping and photographing the country military secret by the hidden secret drones.

Also, most chemical factory are facing the danger of intruding mini drones. When a small drone enters into the factory, it can easily crush into the hazardous chemical substance, and leads to an irretrievable accident.


However, the most anti drone system is extremely expensive, and most of them is from the Israel, Iran, USA, UK, Japan, those countries of key know-how technology. Also, they are of huge size and heavy weight, also needs human monitoring.

According to the current situation, Shenzhen Texin Electronics., Co., Ltd developed an cost-effective anti drone system.


Its features includes below:

*360 degree coverage

* protect an500 to 1000 meterradius range from drone intruding

*Automatic work


*IP65 waterproof

*Smart cooling design

*Lightening protection


Key application area:

Key area:Chemical factory:

:Power Plant: Oil depot: Farm:

:Fish pond: Concert :

: Large Exhibition:

:Country border line:Prison :

:Detention house:

:Important sports activity:


After sales service

* One year warranty

* Life time technical support * Direct talk with engineer team * Local installation service available


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