How to test an anti drone system real effect ?


Many customers feel confused about the real effect of the anti drone system. That is usually led by the wrong test method. Here we simply recommend you the simple process of anti drone product tests:     


1. Please keep the antenna vertical and connected well

2. Intall the jammer at a relatively higher place such as the building top   

(very important)

  Better the highest building in the surrounding environment to cover larger area

3. Testing Photo Display  

Cause in real drone intruding situation , the remote control can not be in the jammer side. It is far from the jammer owner building.

The drone driver will fly the drone to enter to the gurantee area of jammer

And jammer will work in range 500-1000 meter radius 360 degree

4. The drone shall fly to height about 100 meter

To simulate the real environment    (very important)



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