How to choose the signal jammer by the using environment ?


Some new customer are looking for the signal jammer for personal use or wholesale reselling. To find a suitable item is most important consideration aspect for customer.

For example, a personal buyer is looking for a signal jammer to forbidden their children from playing phone at night time. A handheld portable phone WiFi signal jammer is perfect for his option. He can turn on/off the jammer easily anytime at hand and hide the phone signal jammer under bed, in the closet, or in the closet, anywhere that can not be found by the children.

We once have a customer, and he steps newly into the signal jammer reselling market. His customer is in the prison system and want to jam the prison to forbidden the prisoners from phone cheating and illegal contacts with outer people. He said he will adopt it in the prison environment with cost effective solution. So we recommend the plastic cost effective jammer. But actually he installs it on the roof of the prison house. That leads troubles. Cause plastic is easily twisted in the pretty hot sun burning environment, the jammer is damaged as well. Later, we recommend the aluminum alloy diecast type fixed large high power Phone WiFi signal jammer for him. That is IP65 level waterproof, heat resistant, shock proof jammer, and work 24 hours 7 days long in outdoors terrible environment. It works well and he is satisfied.

Another customer has a very big pig-feeding farm and with 3 fish ponds in it. His competitors are jealous of his profitable farm and use to drone to drop the drugs in the pig-feeding place and fish pond. The pig and fish is dead. Our customer feel very sad and lose his money a lot a lot a lot WOW.

Then he considered to buy a drone signal jammer from us, which is fixed type outdoor use. It works perfectly and guarantee the area in 500-1000 meter radius. His pig and fish is lucky now, safe and happy. He has already been

making more money from then on with the fixed drone signal jammer.

Anyway, a“suitable” signal jammer is the most important for phone wifi GPS drone signal jammer personal or wholesale customers.