How does the Anti Drone Gun Signal jammer become popular ?


The anti drone jammer gun is mostly applied to the military team, prison system, country border line, etc., to combat the enemy drone, to avoid the drug dealing in prison, to avoid the smuggling between the country border line, etc. 

But nowadays, as the drone black fly causes more and more public irritation,  the citizens might also find a way to combat the drones themselves, to protect their own property and privacy. 
There are various cases of drone black fly in normal people life. Some men adopts the mini drone to photograph or take videos of living-alone woman; the thieves uses it to search for the village environment and make the thieves plan; the business competitor flys the drone to know the business conference information from windows etc. Especially, some people drives the drone badly and the drone knocks into the chemical factory or oil depot, which leads to fire or explosion accidents and leads to the property and human life loss injury.  The drone appearance definitely and free flying definitely leads to large troubles of normal people life. 

The anti drone gun is a nice choice for both military,law enforcement,government field, also the citizens normal application. The reason is as below:    
* Light weight, Small size, Easy to carry   
* Force drone spy intruding right away in 1-3 second
* Ultra long range: 1000 -1500 meter 
* Built in battery can lasts 1-2 hour   

* Durable maintenance; Long lifespan 

Citizen Application including:  
* Farm animals protection
* Chemical factory 
* Oil depot warehouse 
* Hazardous material storage  
* Gas Station 
* Etc

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