Why does customer need the RF jammer module sometimes ?


Cause ODM signal jammer item has large market in most countries. Such as the military phone wifi jammer in the military station, the government law enforcement phone signal jammer,  wifi signal jammer need, etc.


They only need the inside RF jammer module, power supply, antenna.  The outer shape is usually designed and assembly at their own countries. But sometimes customer choose to design and assembly the whole product in our Factory.


Below are some project for your reference:  

1) Ultra high power phone WiFi GPS signal jammer

 (Customer choose us to supply the RF jammer module 100W of GSM CDMA 2G 3G 4G 5G 3600 LTE 2.4G 5.8G, also fans and power supply. )

2) Anti Bomb Long range 50-150 meter radius Car Vehicle Phone WiFi VHF UHF Signal jammer   (Customer choose to design it themselves and assembly the whole product here with our components and engineers support, power inverter 500W from 24V to 12V power supply)



3) High power Drone UAV signal jammer

(customer choose the 100W RF jammer module of GPS 1.2G, 1.5G, WIFI2.4G, 5.4G, 5.8G, 433MHz, 815MHz, 900MHz, and directional antenna, 1/2 ultra flexible wire, thunder protection box)



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