Why does a prison need the drone jammer and phone jammer?


Many prisons are facing the threat of drone smuggling from outside. The drones fly over the fence and throw the cash, mobile phone, drug, etc into jail. Thus, prisoners can use mobile phone to do online cheating or send messages to each other to create riots in prison, drug dealing will be more easy in prison, and some leaders prisoners can do drug dealing all over world by mobile phone.

Then, the drone signal jammer and phone signal jammer is neccessary for prisons to avoid those illegal affairs caused by entered drones and mobile cell phones.

We strongly recommend our TX-XQ01 anti drone gun signal jammer for prison applicaion, it can force the intruding drone to prison land or return home in 1-3 seonds in an ultra long distance up to 2000 meter.  This counter drone gun signal jammer has an easy to carry light weight only 4.50 kgs with 2 hour built in rechargeable battery.

With a combination of phone signal jammer, prison can be a more safe and stable place in nowadays information environment. Model TX-100W signal jammer is a nice choice. It can shield 2g 3g 4g 5g wifi in range about 50 meter radius in 300 -500 square meter coverage area. The shield frequency can be customized by different country and customer specific need. This jammer has a patent out shape and original design PCBA board. Its high output power 100W is indeed stable, long range and strong jamming effect.


The handheld type phone wifi GPS signal jammer is also available for police patrol and law enforcement application. Anyway, TeXin team will offer you a complete solution for your jamming area after your inquiry. Welcome to visit our website and find the satisfying products here.