How does the network signal jammer work ?


The mobile phone and WiFi network is the necessary part of the modern people life. Almost everyone has a mobile phone in hand. You can see people calling, playing games or surfing on Internet on the street anywhere. 

The signal network has connected almost all parts of modern life including playing, learning, business activities, military and government affairs, etc.


For example, in a meeting room, when someone is showing a serious PPT to an important customer, a sudden call sharply comes through and the meeting is definitely be disturbed. Or the worker take photos of important business information and send it to the business competitors, and it will leads to a large amount loss in competition.


Imagine that in an art show, people are looking through the artworks one by one, but someone receive a call and start his own chattering, loud voice and never stop. That is no hesitation annoying the art show workers and participators.


With a wireless network mobile phone signal jammer, those situation can actually be avoided.  

A handheld mobile WiFi jammer can solve the misuse of phone WiFi signal in the surrounding environment about 5-10 meter radius. With a built-in battery about 2-5hours, it can be taken everywhere to shield phone WiFi network easily and effectively. 

A desktop or wall mount type phone WiFi signal jammer can shield the Phone WiFi in a large area such as 100-200 square meter, or 300-500 square meter or even larger as customized project.


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