Automatic Long range 1KM Vehicle Mount Drone Counter


Recently, many customers are looking for the Vehicle Drone Counter. For this kind drone counter,

It has several important problems to overcome.


1) How to make the drone counter stable working when driving ?

2) How to install the antenna on the vehicle top ?

3) How to easily control the device inside the car    ?


Our new product TX-CZ03 help you easily solve those problems.

1) We have tested over 20 kinds antenna in different road situation, and finally choose the

Anti-shock Spring antenna. It can work the very uneven road and perform very well on counter range and effect.

2) Our mechanical and software engineer team cooperated with each other to figure out an Antenna lifter.  It can simplify the Antenna installation process on the car vehicle top. When the former vehicle drone counter needs to change the whole top structure to fix the antennas on the car; this antenna lifter only needs 4 screws to fix itself on the car top.

3) The Remote control is manual control to turn on/off each single channel, the whole power supply and the antenna upside/down (when the car enters in an underground parking lot, or no need to use )


More details please check its product details link: