Compatible design of drone jammer system


The India Government project requires us a drone jammer fixed system with 4 channel jamming GPSL1 (30W) , GPSL2 (30W), 2.4G (100W), 5.8G (30W), which can shield the normal drone up to 1500 meter range (Radius) . 

This project has a special requirement. They need our drone jammer system be compatible with their Arduino relay, which is compatible with their own remote control and seamless drone detection system. 

Cause they have tested our drone jammer before, which is cost effective and stable jamming effect, IP65 level outdoor application, stable network remote control. They decided to combine our jammer with their own developed drone detection&remote control system. 

Our engineers discussed and finally offer a solution for this drone jammer project, that is to adopt an vector energy switch on the compatible connection wire, to coordinate with the customer Arduino design of remote control. 

Thus, the compatible problem of TeXin jammer and customer drone detection problem is solved with engineer enormous experience and key know-how technology in signal jammer field. 

We are confident to help customer solve the compatible design problem of drone signal jammer and its relative system.