Customized Agricultural Anti Drone Gun Signal Jammer


Recently, a Mexican customer Alex are looking for the anti drone gun for agricultural farm and field. Since he has the exact jamming target drone DJI M600, its remote control signal is as below 3 frequency:

920.6MHz to 928 MHz

5.725GHz to 5.825GHz

2.400GHz to 2.483GHz

Also including the GPS navigation signal 1560-1620 MHz, total 4 kinds frequency details. 

Customized Agricultural Anti Drone Gun Signal Jammer

We strongly recommend the TX-XQ-01 anti drone gun model for customer as it has 4 channel frequency jamming frequency, each about 20W output power, total 80 watt output power, jamming range 1000-1500 meter stable and effective.

It is a well-matched drone signal jammer for the DJI M600. As DJI M600 mainly adopts the 900MHz channel as the remote control signal between the drone and the ground control. We then specially strengthen the 900MHz jamming power according to the target drone feature.

   More, we put a replaceable battery inside the gun jammer. Customer can choose to have 2 batteries. Then, he does not need to charge the battery again. He can put out the replaceable battery and put the other battery in. It is also suitable for the battle field soldiers, applicable to military field, prison system, etc.

   We always customize the anti drone gun for customer as they need. Customer just need to tell what they need, and we do all the left work. We save time&cost to creat the valuable signal jammer as customer need.

Now we are developing a 8 band new model anti drone signal jammer gun, if you have any interest, please find the contacts on the website to know more product details. Welcome, Welcome, dear customer : )