How to choose a suitable drone signal jammer?


We usually recommend the suitable drone jammer for customers according to their own need:  

For drone signal jammer, we usually have 3 types:

* Fixed drone jammer

Handheld anti drone jammer

* Vehicle mount drone jammer

Handheld anti drone jammer

It is suitable for the military patrol, border line, village protection, battle-field, etc.


Easy to carry, light weight, portable size

Built in battery lasts 1-2 hour rechargeable

Directional long range 1000-2000 meter

Pretty easy operation

Fixed Drone Jammer

It can continuously work 24/7 outdoors, perfect for military base, prison, farm, fish pond

Any place that need automatic protection from the invading drone.


Outdoors IP65 waterproof

Non-stop use 24/7 by AC power supply

Automatic jamming effect in range 500-1000 meter radius (directional antena is larger range )

Easy installation with details manual

Vehicle Mount Drone Jammer

It can protect a car from drone attack or position tracking

Many police and military system adopts this device for patrol vehicles.


Vehicle Mount Easily

Automatic jamming

Remote control in car

Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd, we usually offer the cutsomized project totally according to the specific need and personal requirement.