China's Sichuan Petroleum puts into use its first anti-UAV active defense system


The anti-UAV active defense system of China Sichuan Petroleum Jianyang Oil Depot was successfully put into use after a month of testing and acceptance by the public security department. The commissioning of this system marks the successful rollout of Sichuan Petroleum's first anti-UAV active defense system, and it is also the first company in the Sichuan refined oil sales industry to install an anti-UAV active defense system. The deployment of the defense system can effectively solve the public safety risks of drones in the current society, including self-made aircraft and other aircraft that invade the oil depot area.

The system is an anti-UAV system that uses technologies such as spectrum detection and detection, radar detection, and radio interference suppression to control and prevent illegal intrusion by drones. It can be controlled within the range of 500-1000 meters according to the size of the protected area and the comprehensive environment, effectively ensuring that it will not interfere with the normal use of other navigation systems outside the protected area. The commissioning of this system has laid a solid foundation for the oil depot to comprehensively improve its anti-terrorism capabilities.

The establishment of the anti-UAV active defense system completely solved the problem of weak airspace safety prevention and control of Jianyang Oil Depot, realized all-round and all-weather safety protection in the air and on the ground, and ensured the safe and stable operation of the oil depot.