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5G Signal Jammer

Shenzhen TeXin Electonics Co., Ltd 5G signal jammer adopts the latest RF sweeping jamming frequency in our Shenzhen Factory. Not only jam the 2G 3G 4G signal, but also jam the 5G signal jamming at same time.  We have always been developing the new signal jammersuch as wall-mount type, desktop type, handheld type, etc. for more cost effective choices to worldwide customers. We are a mature signal jammer supplier with the experienced knowledge and the key know-how. Our 5G signal jammer can be customized according to different country and specific customer need. As the leading manufacturer in China, we seriously control the supply chain of signal jammer raw material and offer the competitive cost in market.


In recent years, the 5G mobile signal is applied in more and more countries. The 5G signal jamming becomes a necessary task of some security department such as government, military base station, police system, school, business commercial building, conference room, meeting room, etc.Most customer are seeking for the wall mount and large coverage signal jammer such as NZ150W, NZ50W, TX-100W. The trend is the built-in antenna jammer, which has the hidden effect. But actually the signal jammer with the external antenna has better jamming effect and longer range. It always depends on the point the customer cares more.


Comparing 2G 3G 4G, 5G is definitely an ultra-fast feed network for mobile phone signal also WIFI. That will lead to many troubles in telecommunication cheating, or cheating in examinations, hackers in network, etc. Especially those 5G-dense area, such as Africa, Europe, Australia, China, etc.Our signal jammer has conquered the most hard part of signal jamming, that is the accurate and precise frequency adjustment. We will do the 100% aging test with spectrum analyzer to ensure the frequency accuracy and the enough output dB. Also, the strict QC will be from IQC to QC, repeated checking on assembly, before package, warehouse and final delivery.



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TeXin is one of 5G Signal Jammer original manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has the newest 5G Signal Jammer and provides wholesale to customers from all over the world. We rely on excellent 5G Signal Jammer and with good reputation, the goods are exported all over the world. The current products are in stock, if you buy bulk, we can give customers a more favorable price.