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Manpack Drone Jammer

Manpack Drone Jammer is in the form of a backpack, which greatly enhances the comfort of use, like a backpack, and at the same time increases the volume capacity of jammer body, so that it can meet the conditions for making a more powerful drone jammer.

Manpack Drone Jammer usually uses omni directional glass fiber antenna, in this case, it’s 360-degree jamming range, because without angle limitation. It’s more freely when using, but in order to achieve a farther jamming range, we can also configure directional antennas according to needs.

Ordinary model it’s with 3 bands gps L1 + 2.4ghz + 5.8ghz. The power and frequency of Manpack Drone Jammer can also be customized according to customer needs. The jammer body is made of aluminum alloy and with good ventilation and cooling system.
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