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Cell Phone Signal Jammer

The cell phone signal jammer is widely used to shield the phone 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI BLUETOOTH CCTV signals in many fields such as prison, school, library, meeting room, training room and temple etc.

Our cell phone signal jammer is made up of the RF power amplifier, heat sink, cooling fan, and high gain antenna,etc. It will transmit the jamming signal to suppress the phone wifi network. Then in the effective area, the phone can not receive or send messages and calls, phone net surfing is also broken. The WIFI connection is out of work too. 

This cell phone signal jammer can be customized frequency, optional from CDMA 800,851-894 MHz;GSM 900,925-960 MHzDCS1800 1805-1880 MHz,PCS1900,1930-1990 MHz,3G CDMA 2110-2170 MHz,GPS L1 1570-1580 MHz, WiFi 2400-2500 MHz,4G LTE 800 791-821 MHz,4G LTE 700 (Optional) 725-770 MHz,4G LTE 2600 2620-2690 MHz, 4G LTE 2300 (Optional) 2300-2400 MHz,WiFi 2.4G 2400-2485 MHz, GPSL1 1560-1620 MHz, GPSL2/Glonass 1227.42 MHz, Wireless Camera 1.2G 1100-1200 MHz,Wireless Camera 2.4G 2400-2483 MHz,PHS1900 MHz, WiFi5.2G 5170-5330 MHz,WiFi 5.8G 5725-5850 MHz    
Phone 5G in 3100-4990 MHz,VHF 135-174 MHz
UHF 400-470 MHz,Etc.
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