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WiFi Signal Jammer

In conference room, military base station, police station and prisons, nowadays, WiFi signal jammer is definitely needed to prevent people using wifi network to make noises or doing something unright. 

Our wifi signal jammer adopts the latest RF jamming technology, to shield the WI-FI signal immediately. And it can work long time non stop 24 hours 7 days. 

We offer other products except wifi signal jammer, such as phone wifi signal jammer, GPS signal jammer, anti drone system, handheld signal jammers, large fixed phone signal shield device, etc. 
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TeXin is one of WiFi Signal Jammer original manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has the newest WiFi Signal Jammer and provides wholesale to customers from all over the world. We rely on excellent WiFi Signal Jammer and with good reputation, the goods are exported all over the world. The current products are in stock, if you buy bulk, we can give customers a more favorable price.