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Desktop Phone Signal Jammer

Our company is a factory specializing in the research and development of signal jammer. The company mainly produces portable handheld GPS signal jammer, desktop phone signal jammer and drone signal jammer system. Each customized jammer will have professional and experienced factory masters to test the shielding frequency band. There are mature technologies in the industry, which can ensure the quality of each jammer.

The desktop phone signal jammer is the classic jammer recommended by our company. It is most suitable for places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as examination rooms, churches, courts, and conference rooms. For the external antenna model, you need to install the antenna yourself, usually with a single switch to control each shielded frequency band, which is convenient for more accurate shielding of signals. The built-in antenna model is much simpler, no need to install an antenna, and the shield can be quickly achieved by turning on the switch after turning on the power.

Desktop phone signal jammer will have built-in cooling components, and some models will also design external cooling fans, which can help the jammer work better and more stably. The shell of the desktop phone signal jammer is generally made of aluminum alloy, which is resistant to pressure, heat, water, and corrosion. Not only that, the desktop phone signal jammer will also be equipped with a car charger for buyers to use in the car. High output power can ensure that the jammer can work stably even in the case of voltage fluctuations.

Our desktopl phone jammer have been exported to more than half of the world's countries. The company has been involved in the shielding device industry since 2008. Today, all our products have independent intellectual property rights and appearance patents, and have obtained ISO9001, SGS, CE and other professional certifications. Therefore, to choose Texin is to choose quality.
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TeXin is one of Desktop Phone Signal Jammer original manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has the newest Desktop Phone Signal Jammer and provides wholesale to customers from all over the world. We rely on excellent Desktop Phone Signal Jammer and with good reputation, the goods are exported all over the world. The current products are in stock, if you buy bulk, we can give customers a more favorable price.