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Anti Drone Defense System

Shenzhen Texin Electronic CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for signal jammer including anti drone defense system, mobile phone signal jammer, wifi jammer, GPS jammer, etc. Our anti drone defense system adopts the exquisite material and high power&high-integration jammer moulde, to ensure the stable jamming and long range shield effect. We has developed various kinds of anti drone defense system including the anti drone gun, fixed large anti drone system, seamless drone detector and anti drone defense system, car mount anti drone system, etc.


Our anti drone defense system adopt the high power jammer module usually 100W each channel, to achieve the long range over 2000 meter radius. It can shield the multiple band at same time such as 433MHz, 915MHz, WIFI2.4G,WIFI5.8G, GPS L1, GPS L2, etc. It can be customized to jam the certain range such as 500-1000 meter radius, 1000-2000 meter radius, 3000m radius, etc. Customer can choose a combination of them to realize the air security no blind corner. The large item will be packed in a fumigation wooden case; some small item be packed in the aluminum alloy frame briefcase; We assure customers that the goods will be no damage in transportation.


The black fly is a certain threat to many security place such as military base station, border line, police system, breeding farm, chemical factory, storage warehouse, etc. Thus, an effective anti drone defense system is of vital importance for those places to protect the air security from drone black fly. Usually, a large area base station or country border line needs the fixed anti drone system with drone detector and the seamless drone signal jammer, also the computer monitor system; for soldiers and single or individual combat in the battle field, the anti drone gun and the backpack drone jammer is the most suitable product; most police system will adopt the car mount drone jammer for their SWAT team, patrol team, anti-drug police team, etc. Welcome to any inquiry!


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