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Drone Gun Jammer

Drone gun jammer is a gun shape drone jammer, it similar shape of gun, Mainly supplied to the government, prison police and other institutions. The gun shape drone jammer jamming range can reach 1km to 1.5km, can meet over 90% needs.

Drone gun jammer most with three band gps 1.5gjz, wif 2.4ghz, wifi 5.8ghz. 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz main for romote control and image transmission. Each gun shape drone jammer with independence swith of each band. Turn one wifi 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz of the jammer, the drone will force return; if trun all the three bands on, the drone jammer will froce drone landing or hovering.

The power and frequency of the drone gun jammer also support customization, normally model support max 4 bands and 80W max output. But too meed other needs of romote control frequency we also have a special one support more than 10 bands, it also can cover gps 1.2ghz,915MHz, 868MHZ, UHF, Vhf, etc.
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