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Drone Jammer

In recent years, there have been countless accidents caused by improper use of drones: drones at airports prevented aircraft from landing normally; cross-border smuggling by drones, drones peeping at privacy and shooting video screens, drones in public Falling and causing injuries. so drone jammer is necessary.

The purpose of the drone jammer is to prevent the drone from entering the no-fly zone and to prevent loss of personnel, privacy or property. It is to cut off the remote control and image transmission of the drone by launching the same frequency to achieve the purpose of returning the drone or making an emergency landing.

There are many types of drone jammer. main have 2 types: portable drone jammer, stationary drone jammer. for the portable jammer, we main have gun shape drone jammer and suitcase drone jammer. the jamming range usually can come 1000 to 1500 meter.
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