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RF VCO is the part for creating the signal frequency of the aim band. All our RF modules are equipped with VCO, which greatly facilitates the use of customers and reduces the trouble of providing signal sources by themselves.

Of course, if you want an RF power module without a signal source, we can also provide you with a module without RF VCO. This is customized, so you don’t need to worry about it.

For VCO modules with different frequency bands, different VCOs need to be configured. So there will be many VCO models, you can contact us with detailed requirement then we can recommend for you.
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Reliable RF VCO

Reliable RF VCO

This Reliable RF VCO will definitely create the original signal source as required, multiply applied in the RF amplifier jammer module, Phone signal booster and other telecommunication products.

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TeXin is one of RF VCO original manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has the newest RF VCO and provides wholesale to customers from all over the world. We rely on excellent RF VCO and with good reputation, the goods are exported all over the world. The current products are in stock, if you buy bulk, we can give customers a more favorable price.