What is the impact of the entrance of 5G radio and television on the mobile phone signal shield?


The 5G communication network is the most mentioned communication network today. We often hear about the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. So now the fourth largest operator of the communication network is China Radio and Television 5G network.

According to the relevant information, the 5G communication segment of China Radio and Television will be released and put into operation in the first half of 2022. As the fourth operator of China Telecom, China Radio and Television has many advantages in its 5G network.

Feature 1: Radio and TV has a frequency band between 700MHz. This frequency band has a strong transmission ability, little resistance, little impact from rain, snow and humidity, and a long transmission distance, which makes the 5G networking cost of radio and TV extremely low.

Feature 2: The coverage of 10 or 20 base stations built by the three major telecom operators can achieve the same coverage effect if one is built by radio and television. This is the most important advantage.

Feature 3: The customer base of radio and television is also very large. The radio and television network basically covers the rural areas of large, medium and small cities in China, so this is also the largest and most valuable customer base of radio and television.

What is the impact on the mobile phone signal shield after the admission of 5G radio and television?

We know that the signal blocker is used to block the mobile phone signal through frequency suppression. When the 5G technology was just applied, the mobile phone blocker upgraded the function of shielding the 5G frequency band, that is, increased the coverage of the 5G frequency band. The radio and television 5G belongs to a new frequency range, so when purchasing the mobile phone signal shield, we must pay attention to confirm whether the shielding equipment can shield the radio and television 758-788 frequency band.