What are the applicable places of multi-function mobile phone signal shield


With the rapid development of 5G communication technology, it brings new challenges and tests to the security and confidentiality of communication while facilitating life. In order to prevent a series of accidents endangering the safety of mobile phones, such as eavesdropping, disclosure, cheating, etc., using signals, how to effectively block mobile phone signals has attracted the attention of leaders at all levels. In response to the needs of the security field at all levels, multifunctional mobile phone signal shield came into being.

Applicable occasions of mobile phone signal shield

1、 Various large and medium-sized examinations

Fairness and justice are the basic principles of society, and we need to face many exams in life, ranging from junior high school entrance examination and middle school entrance examination to college entrance examination and civil service recruitment examination. In order to avoid cheating by examinees, in all kinds of large and medium-sized examinations, in order to realize that mobile phone signals can not communicate normally or access the Internet, technical measures such as multi-function mobile phone signal shield must be adopted to shield the signals in the examination room, which can also well prevent cheating by examinees.

2、 Party and government organs and enterprises

Mobile phone signal blocker is also one of the needs for party and government organs, enterprises, etc. The frequency of meetings of Party and government organs and enterprises can be said to be very high, and in order to make the participants concentrate more on the meeting and learn more about the spirit of the meeting, it is also necessary to prevent the use of mobile phones.

3、 Military sites, prisons, detention houses

Some areas that need to be strictly controlled, such as military sites, prisons, detention centers, etc., have a very high degree of confidentiality, and should be strictly controlled. In military areas, prisons, detention centers and other areas, shielding mobile phone signals can greatly prevent the possibility of leakage.

In fact, gas stations, oil depots, hospitals and other special areas where telephone calls are strictly prohibited are also ideal for installing mobile phone signal shields.

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