How to build a street drone jammer for outdoors environment?


Recently an old customer from Russia is requiring for a drone jammer on the street to protect his street area from the drone intruding and SPY pictures. 

Usually for this kind of situation, he will require the gun drone jammer, but this time he needs a fixed one drone jamming system. Then i recommend the JZ03 model to him, this fixed anti drone system can force the drone returning home in range 500-1000 meter radius.

With 2 channel 2.4G drone remote control interfering, and 2 channel 5.8G drone remote control intering, the drone setting mode is automatically returning home in several seconds. With this design, this anti drone system can protect his area from the drone intruding.  

.Real installtion Scene

But the Russia customer seems unsatisfied with the drone counter effect. He wants to add the force-landing function. For a fixed type drone jamming system, this function is too dangerous and is possibly leading the airplane accidents. Cause it is OMNI - diretional and automatically drone-jamming than the normal drone gun jammer, portable trolley case jammer, directional drone jammer, and drone detection system.

We usually will tell its serious result to customers and persuade him not to choose this function. But he told us he will use this in a very remote area for military field application. Then what can we do, we will do as he need, hahah.

Then we will promote this solution to add two seperate channel GPSL1 GPSL2 including the Glonass L1 and Glonass L2, then most drones will be interfered the GPS navigation function and set to force-landing immediately by the drone designer.

Then the whole design channels is as below: 

Jamming Range

500-1000 meter radius, depends on the real environment

Working Channels

CH1:  2.4GHz: 2400-2485MHz, 100W, 51±1dB

CH2:  2.4GHz: 2400-2485MHz, 30W, 46±1dB

CH3:  5.8GHz: 5725-5850MHz, 30W, 45±1dB

CH4:  5.8GHz: 5725-5850MHz, 30W, 45±1dB

CH5:  GPSL1: 1560-1620 MHz, 20W, 43±1dB

CH6:  GPSL2: 1100-1300 MHz ,20W, 43±1dB

Actually, when the output power is increasing, the heat sink size, cooling fans efficiency, the power supply protection box inside, they all needs improvement

Based on the output power rising.

Also, when the output power increases a lot, the jamming range will also be definitely far away larger than 1000 meter.

This can be customized as customer specific needs.

This street drone jammer is IP65 waterproof, dustproof, heat-resistant and thunder protection as an uni-body jammer cabinet case (die cast aluminum alloy material). It has a 4 11CM diameter cooling fans beside its back to cool it down very fast and efficiently. This die cast cabinet is usually used for mobile operator base station construction, we bought it from the same supplier to ensure it can be applied in outdoor street environment. No matter how bad the weather is, such as the rain, the snow, the ultra-low temperature, or ultra hot temperature in outdoor environment, this jammer can works as normal.

Please don’t worry too much, and tell us the exact drone jammer you want, we can customize it for you.