Some Customer Feedback of TeXin Wireless Signal Jammer


Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd has received the comments from customer over 120 countries about the wireless signal jammer such as the handheld phone WIFI GPS jammer, desktop Phone WiFi jammer, wall mount signal jammer to know our products well from the customer feedback. 

Country: Brazil 
Model: TX-100W 
Jammer: 10 channel desktop Cell Phone WiFi signal jammer 
Range: 20-50 meter radius 

Country: Germany 
Model: TX-N10  
Jammer: 10 channel Handheld Cell Phone WiFi GPS signal jammer 
Range: 5-20 meter radius 

Country: Argenita 
Model:  RF jammer modules, T80W, TX-N10  
* Customized output power RF jammer module 
( GSM, CDMA, WIFI, GPS, 5W 10W 20W 30W 50W 100W 200W output power ) 
* 8 channel desktop or wall mount signal jammer with built- in antenna 
(jamming range: 20-50 m radius )
* Handheld signal jammer 10 channel 
(jamming range: 5-20 m radius )

Country: Mexico 
Model: TX-B8H
Jammer: 8 channel Cell Phone WiFi GPS wireless signal jammer 
Range: 5-40 meter radius 

Country: France  
Model: TX-NZ150W
Jammer: 11 channel Cell Phone WiFi signal jammer with built in antenna 
Range: 20-50 meter 

Country: Russian Federation   
Model: TX-N10
Jammer: 10 channel handheld Cell Phone WiFi signal jammer with 2 hour rechargeable battery 
Range: 5-20 meter 

Country: France 
Signal Jammer module 2.4G output power 30W 

No. 8
Country: Philippines  
Model: TX-240W
Jammer: 8 channel high power 240W output power Cell Phone WiFi signal jammer 
Range: 30-50 meter radius area