Large area coverage Conference Hall Meeting Signal Jammer


Recently, the customers shows the continuous interest to the conference signal jammer NZ150W.

Let us see why customers enjoys this signal jammer a lot. 

NZ150W model features: 
* Customized 11 channel multiple jamming for even 1 piece 
* Hidden antenna inside, Massive MIMO design each channel is high gain 14dBi 
* Concise out shape suitable for most modern room design  
* High output power each channel about 15 Watt, total 150W 
* Long range 50 to 100 meter, it can easily cover a conference room of width*length 35*35 meter no blind corner 
* Stable and powerful jamming effect with regulated power supply 
* Waterproof design to apply it in the outdoors environment 
* On/off control button for the WIFI signal jamming function 
* Ethernet/WLAN/LAN remote control RJ45 available 
* Durable package: with hard plate to protect the out shell and handheld carry belts outside the carton to avoid the rude courier treatment 

NZ150W large area signal jammer is actually a self developed item by Shenzhen TeXin Electronics Co., Ltd.
* As you see, its hidden feature of built-in antenna is not so obvious comparing those jammer with outer antennas, so conference customers can not easily notice the item when they are on meeting and just thought the signal is not very good there. 
* Also, one piece is enough for a large conference room or Office meeting room 
* If you don’t need the WIFI jamming effect, you can stop it by the WIFI button 
* Computer monitoring is also available for multiple device monitoring at same time and on different places 
* Waterproof, Anti corrosion, Heat resistant, Anti Shock, Anti Broken, Thunder Protection  

No wonder customer loves it, its features has gain the customer hearts. 
We will continuously develop new design signal jammer catering to the international market trend of wireless signal jammer. We will develop a new product in about 3 months. Welcome customers inquiry.